Hand Wrap for DuraScan Wear

With Velcro Attachment

Product Description
37,20€ (Inc. VAT)
31,00€ (Ex. VAT)

This hand wrap is designed for use with Socket Mobile's wearable DW900 series scanners and provides a comfortable fit over a work glove or directly on the hand. It's made from washable, breathable material and features Velcro for easy scanner module attachment.

Product SKU's

  • Right(XS): AC4243-3263
  • Left(XS): AC4248-3268
  • Right(S): AC4244-3264
  • Left (S): AC4239-3259
  • Right (M): AC4245-3265
  • Left (M): AC4240-3260
  • Right (L): AC4246-3266
  • Left (L): AC4241-3261
  • Right (XL): AC4247-3267
  • Left (XL):AC4242-3262